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Worried about your anchored boat?
Now you can keep track of it from anywhere.

BoatMonitor is a robust remote anchor alarm suite of applications that enables you to use your existing smartphone or computer to track your boat's position while it's anchored, on a mooring pin, or at the dock. Relax and enjoy your time ashore knowing your boat is secure!

  • Take the stress out of anchoring
  • View your boat's position on a satellite map of the moorage and boat's path
  • Mobile app works on a wide variety of devices
  • Receive alerts if your boat drifts outside the safe zone

What's Required?
On Boat
  • Smartphone/tablet with GPS (iPhone, iPad, Android) and internet connection
  • or
  • Computer with GPS connected, internet connection
Detailed Requirements
On Shore
  • Smartphone/tablet with internet or cell service for SMS alerts
  • or
  • Any computer with internet
Detailed Requirements


  • Live satellite map view of your boat's position relative to anchor
  • Receive email and/or SMS (North America only) alerts
  • Configurable alarm settings to suit the accuracy of your GPS
  • Set anchor on map by current position or heading and distance
  • Works in the background or when your device is asleep
  • Configurable 'exclusion zone' within the anchoring radius
  • Advanced averaging to maximize accuracy and minimize data usage
  • Clear, easy-to-use interface
  • Vibrate and/or alarm sound when outside safe zone
  • Voice Alert reads out your distance and bearing to anchor (iOS)
  • Operates in sleep mode
  • Stays logged in
  • Supports the developer!

Coming soon:
  • Dock/Mooring Monitor
  • Nautical chart overlay

What's Required?

In order to use BoatTracker to track your boat remotely, you will need:
  1. A smartphone / computer with internet for on your boat.
    This device regularly sends your boat's position to our secure server so you can check it from on shore. It can be any of the following:
    • Windows computer (or Mac running Parellels or Boot Camp)
      with USB/Bluetooth/NMEA GPS device + GPS Gate Express software (free install)
    • iPhone
    • Android phone with GPS
    • iPod touch with external GPS
    • iPad 3G/4G models or wi-fi model with external GPS
  2. A phone/smartphone to bring with you
    • With a smartphone with internet you can receive email alerts and view your boat's position on a map
    • With any phone you can receive SMS alerts
    • From any computer you can log in to check on boat's position and movements

In order to use BoatTracker to track your boat while onboard, you need:

  1. A smartphone or computer running the Boat Monitor app or web application:
    • Windows computer (or Mac running Parellels or Boot Camp)
      with USB/Bluetooth/NMEA GPS device + GPS Gate Express software (free install)
    • iPhone
    • Android phone with GPS
    • iPod touch with external GPS
    • iPad 3G/4G models or wi-fi model with external GPS


How accurate is BoatMonitor?
How can I evaluate whether BoatMonitor will work for me?
Try it out! The web application is completely free to use. Of course, you don't have to actually be on your boat to try it; you can test it anywhere. This will give you an idea of how well it will function on your devices(s) and the kind of accuracy you can expect when you are actually anchoring.
Is there an app I can install?
Yes! If you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can use the link on the right side of the screen to get the app.
Can I also monitor my bilge water level with Boat Monitor?
Not yet! The technology to make this happen is becoming better and more affordable, and we are actively seeking technology partners that will enable us to bring this capability to our software. Stay tuned...
I set the anchor and the blue dot moved outside the green circle (swing radius) yet it didn't alert me. How come?
To avoid false positives (alerting you when it hasn't really moved), the entire blue circle must be outside of the green circle for a number of readings before it will alert you. You can set this threshold number by going to Preferences from the main menu. In general the more accurate your GPS is, the lower this number can be.
How reliable is Boat Monitor?
Short answer: as reliable as your internet connection and power supply. In anchor monitor mode, Boat Monitor saves your position to the server every few minutes. By providing the time since last position fix, it lets you know if a network disconnection or other problem has prevented it from saving your position to the server. Boat Monitor will continue attempting to connect with ther server if your internet is temporarily disconnected.
How does Boat Monitor send SMS messages?
SMS alerts are sent from our server, not from your phone. This makes it possible for any device to send SMS messages, whether is has cell service or not. It also gets around Apple's policy of not allowing apps to autonomously (without a user click) send SMS messages. You get 15 free SMS messages when you sign up, then you can purchase more (50 for $1.49) by logging in and going to Preferences. To prevent credits from being used up too fast, only one message is sent per alarm.

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Boat Monitor is an evolving system, and we welcome you to participate in it's evolution by letting us know what we're getting right, where we're missing the boat, and what other features you would find useful. If you require a reply, we'll do our best to get back to you within a day or two.

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